Parallax Open Submissions | November 15 – December 15


From November 15 through December 15 Singing Saw Press will be accepting submissions from artists and writers who wish to contribute to the fourth issue of Parallax.

Because Parallax is a folio of collaborative work, we are looking for contributors who are excited about engaging with work from a different genre, from possibly unfamiliar artists or poets, and who have the flexibility and time to participate in a thoughtful shared process. Artists and poets may submit individually or jointly, and, if selected, will work together to create a new work for the issue.

Please send up to five work samples to editors [at] singing saw press [dot] com

Do I have to have a particular collaborator lined up?

Nope! We have proposed the collaborations between many of our past contributors.

But what if I have a collaborator in mind and we’d like to take this opportunity to work together?

Also fine! Both parties should submit work samples in a single email.

What are the specifications?

Your submission is a sample. That is, we are not reviewing submissions to select finished pieces for the issue but to get a sense of your work. If chosen, you and your collaborator will work together to create the piece that will appear in the issue.

But still, I’d like to know more about the final format.

Broadsides are 11 x 17″ (or 17 x 11″), high-quality digital prints. We’ll eventually want your work as PDFs and packaged design files in CMYK.



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