Posters, Poetry, and Protest at The Center for Book Arts

Singing Saw Press leads a two-day workshop at The Center for Book Arts
May 13-14, Saturday & Sunday, 10 am-4 pm

Before internet memes, we had broadsides—printed posters hung in public spaces to announce news, events, or advertisements. Broadsides were so often used for fiery messages that they came to have a second meaning: “a strongly worded critical attack.” Contemporary broadsides continue to have strong visual presence in NYC, and the form has also become popular for literary editions, a means to present a single poem or short work of prose as a standalone print object. In this weekend workshop, we will combine image and text to create original broadsides. We will think about text as part of a visual composition, and how text and image work together on the page. We will begin with a mini writing-workshop, and participants will use the wide variety of metal and wood type at the Center for Book Arts to create a dynamic layout. Students will also have the option to carve their own text or images using linoleum blocks. Students will learn writing techniques, linoleum cutting, and basic typesetting and letterpress printing. Each student will make a small edition of their print, and we will do a print exchange, so that all students leave with a collection of all the broadsides in addition to copies of their own print. The course is open to students of all levels and abilities.



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