Parallax 2

Issue Two, 2014

Parallax Issue Two consists of 11 full-color broadsides, loose-bound in a handmade, letterpress folio. The issue was printed in a limited edition of 100 in Brooklyn, NY.

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Shane McCraeChristine Sajecki  |  Catherine WagnerSarah Wagner  |  Dolan MorganCourtney Andujar  |  Virginia McLure, Carson Donnelly  |  Monica McClureSofia Petsoulakis  |  Gabriela VainsencherLawrence Raab  |  Toby Altman, Jess Lee  |  Aaron McColloughCassie Jones  |  Marina BlitshteynCourtney Dudley  |  Marina Weiss, Tom Oristaglio  |  Lucy IvesMairikke Dau

IMG_0614  IMG_0607  IMG_0610

Shane-McCrae_&_Christine-Sajecki Catherine-Wagner_&_Sarah-Wagner Courtney-Andujar-&-Dolan_Morgan Donnelly_McLure

Monica-McClure_&_Sofia-Pestsoulakis     Lawrence-Raab_&_Gabriela-Vainsencher             

Toby-Altman_&_Jess-Lee     Cassie-Jones_&_Aaron-McCollough

Marina-Blitshteyn_&_Courtney-Dudley     Tom-Oristaglio_&_Marina-Weiss     Mairikke-Dau_&_Lucy-Ives       

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